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Wills, Probate, Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) & More

Planning for Tomorrow: Ensuring Your Peace of Mind Today

At some point in our lives, we all pause to ponder the future and ask, "What if..."

Taking proactive steps now to organise your affairs ensures that you can embrace life with confidence, knowing that everything is securely in place for whatever may come. This sense of security brings peace of mind not only to you but also to your loved ones.

While crafting a Will is often the first thing that comes to mind when we consider organising our affairs, it's just one piece of the puzzle. Wills come into effect only after we pass away. But what if life takes a turn, and we find ourselves unable to make decisions due to a loss of mental capacity? Who will advocate for our health and welfare? Who will manage our financial obligations and oversee our property?

Navigating these questions can be daunting, but you don't have to do it alone. Here at Hogans, we specialise in guiding individuals through the process of getting their affairs in order. Our experienced and approachable team is well-versed in all aspects of estate planning. From providing straightforward advice to drafting comprehensive Wills, setting up lasting powers of attorney, and facilitating the distribution of estates, we're here to support you every step of the way.

Here at Hogans, we offer friendly, practical, and expert advice and support to help you organise wills, probate, and lasting powers of attorney (LPAs) during unprecedented times.

Key Services

  • Wills
    If you want to make sure that your property, money, and belongings (collectively known as your 'estate') are distributed as you would like after you die, then a Will is a vitally important document to have. Without a Will, there are strict rules which dictate how your estate must be distributed. This could mean that your loved ones, friends, and favourite charities might not receive what you intended for them to have. ​ We make the process of making a Will as simple as possible for you and are able to offer advice on things such as inheritance tax, choosing executors, and storage of your Will. We can also help you amend an existing Will (known as a codicil) if your circumstances change. We can even amend Wills which were originally made elsewhere.
  • Probate
    Probate can be a complicated and daunting process. At Hogans, we are confident in all aspects of probate and understand any challenges you may face. By working together, we are there to provide as much detail as you need, and help with any problems or questions at any stage. When someone dies, the executor(s) named in the Will are responsible for settling and distributing the estate correctly. To do this, a Grant of Representation (more commonly referred to as a grant of probate) may be required if the value of the estate reaches a certain threshold. We can advise whether or not this is required and apply for it on behalf of the executor(s) should you require. ​ We give practical support and simplify your role as an executor. We are able to assist with any problems or questions you may have, and if you are not sure where to begin, then simply contact us as we can help to make sense of it all.
  • Administration of Estate
    Having to deal with administrative responsibilities associated with the death can add to this particularly challenging time. Simply explained as distributing the deceased's belongings, administration of the estate can be a daunting task for many people who are unfamiliar with the process. ​ Let us help take away the burden and worry of estate administration. We have designed our service to be quick and stress-free, while keeping you informed every step of the way. ​ Our fees are accounted for by the executor(s) and are typically paid directly from the estate before it is distributed to the beneficiaries, so often there will be no need for you to make payments yourself. ​ Our extensive knowledge in areas such as tax law, property law, and trust law sees we are excellently placed to help you deal with the estate of a loved one.
  • Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA)
    Hogans Lasting Power of Attorney lawyers can offer you a detailed explanation of what being a power of attorney allows you to do and what it means to appoint someone as a power of attorney. A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) empowers chosen individuals to make decisions on your behalf if you're incapacitated. Two types exist: Health & Welfare, covering daily health and care choices, and Property & Financial Affairs, managing finances and assets. LPAs must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. Attorneys must act in your best interest, follow your wishes, and separate your finances from theirs. Our LPA experts in Liverpool and Manchester can offer assistance with LPA completion, registration, and detailed guidance. For full details of LPA and our fees, please use the link below.
  • Estate Planning
    If you have a particularly large or complex estate or simply want advice on wills, trusts, or how inheritance tax may affect your estate, we can provide you with an appointment to discuss it in more detail. We’re experienced in dealing with complex estates and understand that every family is different and every estate is unique. ​ Hogan's knowledgeable and trusted team offers the expertise you need to help you plan effectively for the future. Estate planning is about giving you peace of mind for the future.
  • General Advice Appointments
    Sometimes it's unclear exactly what advice you need to take or you may simply want a bit of guidance on what steps you need to take on a particular matter. We've found that a number of clients have wanted guidance but are worried about incurring significant legal fees, which is why we've introduced a simple fixed fee general advice service. This is a simple appointment of up to one hour where you can sit down with us and discuss your query - this might be in relation to property advice, elderly relatives, deputyship, or just some simple questions about how to deal with an estate. We can help you with any questions you may have and point you in the right direction so you can decide how you want to proceed. We charge a one-off fixed fee of £250 plus VAT (£300 in total) for a general advice appointment which is paid prior to your meeting. In the event that you choose to instruct us to act further as a result of your appointment, then we'll deduct that money from the cost of any additional work.
  • Elderly Client Advice for Individuals & Relatives
    We are often asked by people if we provide simple advice in relation to an elderly relative or friend. For a small fixed fee, we can offer an appointment to sit down and talk through your questions, providing you with the legal advice needed to help put your mind at rest. Our friendly and trusted teams at Hogans are ready to assist you.
In-Home Consultation

Why Choose Hogans?

Our Private Client solicitors at Hogans ensure the process is as stress-free as possible. We fully understand that every situation is different and we, on every occasion, agree a tailored approach that suits your needs, depending on how much experience you have in dealing with these types of situation.


Hogans Private Client team is here to ensure that you have the peace of mind you deserve, today and tomorrow.

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