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Administration of Estate

Our Fees

Here at Hogans, we strive to maintain fairness and simplicity in our approach.


For executors who are simply seeking assistance in carrying our their role, we opt for full transparency by charging an hourly rate for the work performed and do not include a value-based element. The complexity of the estate directly influences the fee, with simpler estates incurring lower costs.

Your case will be handled by one of our specialist estate professionals at an hourly rate of £270 plus VAT.

Where Hogans have been appointed as sole executors or joint executors within a Will, work will be charged at an hourly rate of £270 plus VAT and there may also be an uplift on the value of the estate as follows:

  • 1% of the gross estate less main residence

  • 0.5% of the main residence

A typical estate, considered fairly standard, may require approximately 10-15 hours for completion. However, recognising the uniqueness of each estate, we offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss the specifics and provide a personalised quote.

What's included?


  • Initial consultation to gather instructions

  • Completion of necessary paperwork for Grant application (and completion of online application where applicable)

  • Completion of relevant inheritance tax account, claims for any relief available and payment of tax where applicable

  • Drafting of legal oaths for executors

  • Procurement of the Grant

  • Liaison with relevant organisations regarding assets, debts, and income & utilities

  • Collection of estate assets

  • Settlement of liabilities, including inheritance tax if applicable

  • Preparation of estate accounts

  • Distribution of assets to beneficiaries

What isn't included?


  • Probate court fee £273 

  • Bankruptcy charges - approx. £2 per executor/beneficiary

  • Land Registry fees for searches, etc. - £3 per search

  • Office copies of the Grant - £1.50 each

  • Advertisement costs in publications to safeguard against unknown creditors or claims

  • Search of Wills Register or assets/digital assets (if required)

  • Expenses related to property sale e.g., legal fees, estate agency fees, removal/house clearance companies, etc.

  • Administrative costs for processing electronic bank payments to beneficiaries £20 plus VAT per UK BACS transaction, £30 plus VAT for UK same-day payments, £40 plus VAT for international payments, per transaction. Distribution by cheque remains free of charge.

How long will the process take?


The timeline varies based on estate size and asset complexity, typically ranging from 8 to 12 months. A more precise estimate can be provided once we assess the scope of work involved.

Get In Touch

To book an appointment or ask questions, you can contact us at your convenience using the online enquiry form below. We will get back to you as soon as possible to see how we can assist you.

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